World Visualizer

This is a D3.js interactive data visualization I made for CS 448B in Fall 2012. It was the last time Professor Jeffrey Heer taught the class before he left Stanford.

Chi Ling Chan did most of the conceptual work and writings, while I hacked together the JavaScript the night before it was due. That’s what I call teamwork.

We designed an interactive interface for visualizing differences in values and beliefs across cultures, based on data from the fifth wave of the World Values Survey (covering 57 countries and a broad sweep of survey questions). Selecting categories of interest in the degree-of-interest tree menu, users can toggle through different survey results and study how countries and regions differ in their opinion and outlooks on life, politics, work, national identity etc. Size of country-squares can be resized according to population size and GDP-per capita, and study of how these different dimensions relate can yield interesting results. Hovering over the country-squares yields country-specific information, made more dynamic through D3 animation.

There’s a full project write-up on the course wiki.

A live (somewhat) functional demo.

The visualization is rather hacky, but it does a serviceable job of highlighting some clear divides in the way people from different parts of the world perceive issues such as religion, gender, and democracy.

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