The Transhumanist Wager is a terrible book

I regret paying for The Transhumanist Wager on Kindle. It has worse writing than a Dan Brown novel and its handling of the philosophical discussion is no more insightful than if you threw a bunch of words like “artificial intelligence” and “cryonics” into a bag, let a monkey pick them out at random, and then edit for some (but not all) grammar. After seeing the writer Zoltan Istvan going onto TechCrunch to peddle his book in the comment section (writing in third person), I wonder how many of the 5-star Amazon reviews are amazed by the book because they have literally never read a real science fiction novel in their lives, how many of them are the writer’s alter egos, and how many of them are really minimum wage workers in some third-world country paid to sell a poor repackaged version of Atlas Shrugged.

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