I am Raven Jiang, an undergrad majoring in Computer Science at Stanford University.

My favourite pastime is thinking about digital technology and the way in which it guides human behavior. Some recent topics I find interesting include: copyright reform, Internet censorship, increasing wealth disparity as a result of technology, liberation technology, Bitcoin, gender and racial equality, online education, and political fragmentation.

I used to run Ramblings of DarkMirage, a blog on Japanese pop culture, back in secondary school. This was around the time BitTorrent and WordPress came into existence and inevitably shaped my teens.

In my opinion, we are all products of our time whether we obey it, fight it, or ignore it. By understanding the era we live in, we see where we stand in the bigger picture.

Technology is a force of evolution that exerts selective pressure on our behavior, psychology, and physiology. This can be some as mundane as our odd habit of constantly swiping our thumbs over a piece of rectangular glass, or it can come in much more visceral forms, such as performance enhancing cybernetic augmentation.

When Google Glass becomes Google Lens, will privacy survive as a concept? As digital copyright enforcement becomes granular and instantaneous, will every act of expression require micro-payments? When our brains are eventually wired directly to the network, will we still be human? These are the questions through which I parse the growth of technology.